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Reason #4: The Rest of the World is Voting Obama!

November 1, 2008

There is a lot of discussion outside of the United States about this election. You read the post from a friend having dinner with people from Spain, Uruguay, and Canada. You read Dona Otilia’s poem to Obama.

Here are some other links revealing how Obama is perceived outside of our borders. Pretty impressive.

– the Global Electoral College

– cast your vote along with folks around the globe, or just jump to the results

– check out the 4-to-1 margin of Obama’s victory in opinion polls in other countries

– see the countries most aligned with Obama

– or just listen to the music Obama is inspiring by musicians around the world from…Japan (a catchy tune called Obama is Beautiful World that will stick with you, longer than you want, by a Japanese band who is rallying the CITY of Obama, waving their arms, and dancing YMCA-style), as well as a host of other countries (Trinidad, Cameroon, Mexico, Jamaica)

You get the picture. As Obama says about other things, “you can’t make this stuff up.”

People are psyched.

So feel proud that you are in the same rink, so to speak, as THE REST OF THE WORLD.

Vote Obama in 3 days!

– Colleen, mother of three in Boulder, Colorado, who is thrilled at the possibility of not having to cringe when she says she’s a U.S. American when traveling internationally


Reason #8: Modern Day Suffragettes

October 29, 2008

First click here, view this, and customize it and send it to your friends (this is seriously hilarious).

Then see below:

‘Nuff said. Vote Obama!

– Jane, a mother of two from Boulder who has MapQuested her way to the polls already.

– Joanna, a modern day suffragette who is campaigning mighty hard in Florida.

Colleen, mother of three from Boulder who plans to take her kids to the polls on Tuesday just to give them a little civic education.