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#3: Iraq, Afghanistan, and the War on Terror

November 2, 2008

The time has come to end the war in Iraq responsibly.  To end it with dignity, with compassion, and with the greatest respect for life of all involved—soldiers, civilians, everyone.

Barack Obama is ready with a plan to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end.  And, he’s ready to begin serious discussions of what new plans we need for addressing al Qaeda and Afghanistan.

As with so many other issues in this election, political observers across party lines have taken notice.  In Time magazine, Joe Klein writes about Obama’s meeting with General Petraeus as engaged, serious, and respectful.

General David Petraeus deployed overwhelming force when he briefed Barack Obama and two other Senators in Baghdad last July. He knew Obama favored a 16-month timetable for the withdrawal of most U.S. troops from Iraq, and he wanted to make the strongest possible case against it. And so, after he had presented an array of maps and charts and PowerPoint slides describing the current situation on the ground in great detail, Petraeus closed with a vigorous plea for “maximum flexibility” going forward.

Obama had a choice at that moment. He could thank Petraeus for the briefing and promise to take his views “under advisement.” Or he could tell Petraeus what he really thought, a potentially contentious course of action — especially with a general not used to being confronted. Obama chose to speak his mind. “You know, if I were in your shoes, I would be making the exact same argument,” he began. “Your job is to succeed in Iraq on as favorable terms as we can get. But my job as a potential Commander in Chief is to view your counsel and interests through the prism of our overall national security.” Obama talked about the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, the financial costs of the occupation of Iraq, the stress it was putting on the military.

A “spirited” conversation ensued, one person who was in the room told me. “It wasn’t a perfunctory recitation of talking points. They were arguing their respective positions, in a respectful way.” The other two Senators — Chuck Hagel and Jack Reed — told Petraeus they agreed with Obama. According to both Obama and Petraeus, the meeting — which lasted twice as long as the usual congressional briefing — ended agreeably. Petraeus said he understood that Obama’s perspective was, necessarily, going to be more strategic. Obama said that the timetable obviously would have to be flexible. But the Senator from Illinois had laid down his marker: if elected President, he would be in charge. Unlike George W. Bush, who had given Petraeus complete authority over the war — an unprecedented abdication of presidential responsibility (and unlike John McCain, whose hero worship of Petraeus bordered on the unseemly) — Obama would insist on a rigorous chain of command.

At The Atlantic, Andrew Sullivan lists his Top Ten Reasons Conservatives Should Vote for Obama, and Reason #1 on his list (below) is The War Against Islamicist Terror.

10. A body blow to racial identity politics. An end to the era of Jesse Jackson in black America.

9. Less debt. Yes, Obama will raise taxes on those earning over a quarter of a million. And he will spend on healthcare, Iraq, Afghanistan and the environment. But so will McCain. He plans more spending on health, the environment and won’t touch defense of entitlements. And his refusal to touch taxes means an extra $4 trillion in debt over the massive increase presided over by Bush. And the CBO estimates that McCain’s plans will add more to the debt over four years than Obama’s. Fiscal conservatives have a clear choice.

8. A return to realism and prudence in foreign policy. Obama has consistently cited the foreign policy of George H. W. Bush as his inspiration. McCain’s knee-jerk reaction to the Georgian conflict, his commitment to stay in Iraq indefinitely, and his brinksmanship over Iran’s nuclear ambitions make him a far riskier choice for conservatives. The choice between Obama and McCain is like the choice between George H.W. Bush’s first term and George W.’s.

7. An ability to understand the difference between listening to generals and delegating foreign policy to them.

6. Temperament. Obama has the coolest, calmest demeanor of any president since Eisenhower. Conservatism values that kind of constancy, especially compared with the hot-headed, irrational impulsiveness of McCain.

5. Faith. Obama’s fusion of Christianity and reason, his non-fundamentalist faith, is a critical bridge between the new atheism and the new Christianism.

4. A truce in the culture war. Obama takes us past the debilitating boomer warfare that has raged since the 1960s. Nothing has distorted our politics so gravely; nothing has made a rational politics more elusive.

3. Two words: President Palin.

2. Conservative reform. Until conservatism can get a distance from the big-spending, privacy-busting, debt-ridden, crony-laden, fundamentalist, intolerant, incompetent and arrogant faux conservatism of the Bush-Cheney years, it will never regain a coherent message to actually govern this country again. The survival of conservatism requires a temporary eclipse of today’s Republicanism. Losing would be the best thing to happen to conservatism since 1964. Back then, conservatives lost in a landslide for the right reasons. Now, Republicans are losing in a landslide for the wrong reasons.

1. The War Against Islamist terror. The strategy deployed by Bush and Cheney has failed. It has failed to destroy al Qaeda, except in a country, Iraq, where their presence was minimal before the US invasion. It has failed to bring any of the terrorists to justice, instead creating the excrescence of Gitmo, torture, secret sites, and the collapse of America’s reputation abroad. It has empowered Iran, allowed al Qaeda to regroup in Pakistan, made the next vast generation of Muslims loathe America, and imperiled our alliances. We need smarter leadership of the war: balancing force with diplomacy, hard power with better p.r., deploying strategy rather than mere tactics, and self-confidence rather than a bunker mentality.

Those conservatives who remain convinced, as I do, that Islamist terror remains the greatest threat to the West cannot risk a perpetuation of the failed Manichean worldview of the past eight years, and cannot risk the possibility of McCain making rash decisions in the middle of a potentially catastrophic global conflict. If you are serious about the war on terror and believe it is a war we have to win, the only serious candidate is Barack Obama.

I agree with both of them: Barack Obama is clear on what needs to be done to address terrorism.  Click here to read and listen to his speech to the Iraq Study Group on August 1, 2007.

Crucially, his vision for Iraq, Afghanistan, and al Qaeda does not portray Islam or Muslim peoples as enemies–as the McCain/Palin team and supporters do (wink, wink)–but as peoples to work with, to learn from, and to support.  Obama realizes that the war on terror needs to be a war on poverty and lack of opportunity and on the unchecked US power so representative of the Bush/Cheney years.

In his speech to the Iraq Study Group, Obama made this clear:

As President, I will make it a focus of my foreign policy to roll back the tide of hopelessness that gives rise to hate. Freedom must mean freedom from fear, not the freedom of anarchy. I will never shrug my shoulders and say — as Secretary Rumsfeld did — “Freedom is untidy.” I will focus our support on helping nations build independent judicial systems, honest police forces, and financial systems that are transparent and accountable. Freedom must also mean freedom from want, not freedom lost to an empty stomach. So I will make poverty reduction a key part of helping other nations reduce anarchy.

I will double our annual investments to meet these challenges to $50 billion by 2012. And I will support a $2 billion Global Education Fund to counter the radical madrasas — often funded by money from within Saudi Arabia — that have filled young minds with messages of hate. We must work for a world where every child, everywhere, is taught to build and not to destroy. And as we lead we will ask for more from our friends in Europe and Asia as well — more support for our diplomacy, more support for multilateral peacekeeping, and more support to rebuild societies ravaged by conflict.

I will also launch a program of public diplomacy that is a coordinated effort across my Administration, not a small group of political officials at the State Department explaining a misguided war. We will open “America Houses” in cities across the Islamic world, with Internet, libraries, English lessons, stories of America’s Muslims and the strength they add to our country, and vocational programs. Through a new ” America’s Voice Corps” we will recruit, train, and send out into the field talented young Americans who can speak with — and listen to — the people who today hear about us only from our enemies.

As President, I will lead this effort. In the first 100 days of my Administration, I will travel to a major Islamic forum and deliver an address to redefine our struggle. I will make clear that we are not at war with Islam, that we will stand with those who are willing to stand up for their future, and that we need their effort to defeat the prophets of hate and violence. I will speak directly to that child who looks up at that helicopter, and my message will be clear: “You matter to us. Your future is our future. And our moment is now.”

This is the sort of global leadership our country needs—rebuilding here at home, rebuilding around the world.  Hockey Moms say, “Barack Obama for U.S. President 2008!

–Carole, mom of two, who prefers to think of the US as either a power forward or strong defense player rather than the goon always in the penalty box, Gunbarrel, Colorado


Reasons #11-16: Hockey Moms for Obama

October 26, 2008

Hockey Moms for Obama—40 Reasons to Vote for Barack Obama:

11. He’s NOT Out Shopping….

12. Hope

13. Dinosaurs, God, and Science in Schools

14. Race and the American Dream

15. He’s Got His Priorities in Order

16. Health Care is a Right

And, for your viewing pleasure, because we just can’t resist: check out these videos:

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the Old-Time Celebs video by the Jewish Alliance for Change.  Enjoy!

Reasons #17-24: Hockey Moms for Obama

October 20, 2008

Here are reasons #17-24 hockey moms are voting for Obama:

#17: ‘Cause He’s Inspiring Community Activists From Other Hemispheres

#18. We’re Pro-America

#19. McAnger vs. Zen and the Art of Campaigning

#20. Of Plumbers, Wealth, and Government

#21. For the Children

#22. The Rest of the World!

#23. Because Community Organizing IS Relevant!

#24. Judgment and Leadership in Complex Times

Reasons #30-35: Hockey Moms for Obama

October 7, 2008

#30. Hockey is a Team Sport.

#31. We’re Maver-sick.

#32. Because Knowledge of the Issues Matters.

#33. Winks, Twitches, and Straight Communication from a Real Lady.

#34. Free Tina Fey!

#35. Because Assault Weapons Should Be Banned.

Reasons 36-40: Hockey Moms for Obama

October 1, 2008

36.  The Bracelets

37. The Hockey Soda Philosophy

38. Roe vs. Wade

39. Sarah Palin’s Passport

40. Gas, the Air We Breathe, and Fuzzy Bears

Reason #40: Gas, the Air We Breathe, and Fuzzy Bears

September 26, 2008

Let’s start with the environment, because, as they say, “put on your oxygen mask first…” and hockey moms depend on air – lots of it – to fuel our lungs as we scream in the stands for our young’uns.

So let’s talk environment, an easy slapshot on net for Obama because, as even my staunchly Republican father admits, the Republicans are disastrous for the environment.

We know SUVs are no longer the rage and we’re trying to unload our gas guzzling monsters – they’re expensive and polluting (even though we have no idea how we’ll pack umpteen sticks and pucks and kids and dogs and snacks into our cars for the hockey shuttle!). However, there is no longer a debate that the shuttle has gotten damn expensive to run. And the driver is pissed off. We need other solutions and “drill baby drill” is just, yet another, Republican chant that dissolves into thin, polluted air.
Drilling won’t produce results for decades and even then, the oil from Alaska would barely make a dent in our country’s oil needs. We need other solutions like credits for hybrid cars and clean energy. Even more importantly, we need a culture change that shifts our daily habits as energy-hungry Americans. Hockey moms need to band together, to carpool, to do our part. But we ask, is McCain advocating a culture change – or just looking for more oil to extend our collision course a little bit longer?
Furthermore, does the name Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge mean nothing to Republicans? The folks up in the great state of Alaska at the Northern Alaska Environmental Center calls drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge a “2000-Acre Hoax” that would show “how oil drilling, pipelines, roads and airports would sprawl across the Refuge Coastal Plain, harming wildlife habitat for polar bears, caribou, fish and birds (the entire 1.5 million acre area would be opened to drilling – NOT a compact “2000 acres” … not a little square). The National Academy of Sciences reported that cumulative impacts of oil activities harmed the land, animals, Alaska Native culture, and wilderness. If we let oil companies drill the Arctic Refuge, they will destroy this unique wilderness forever.”
Want to learn more?  Click here for a nice little explanation of the pros and cons of drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.  And while the oil drilling facts are highly debated (anywhere from 1% to 7.5% of our country’s oil for 1-20 years), folks seem to agree that drilling here will set a precedent for pretty much drilling anywhere. The term “refuge” will become a farce. And soon, the guys with weird hard hats will be in your neighborhood, outside your door, chanting “drill baby drill.” Ahem, culture change anyone?

Finally, for your reading pleasure, here’s Obama’s stance on environmental issues. Check it out. Dissect it. Compare it with that of the bear-hating Republican from Alaska (seriously, how will she explain to her kids that she personally fought against the mamas and daddies and baby polar bears?!!) and her running mate, and then take a deep breath and picture yourself screaming like a ninny for your young player because you can. If we elect Obama, we cast a vote for the air we breathe and that is a reason not to underestimate!

–Colleen, mother of three, Boulder, Colorado

Countdown: 40 Reasons to Vote for Barack Obama

September 25, 2008

Progressive hockey mothers, unite!

Starting tomorrow, forty days out from election day on November 4, we will post a reason a day explaining why a vote for Obama/Biden is a vote for the positive change our country and our children need.

Want to share your reason(s) for voting for Obama?  Send us an email at including your reasons, contact info, and hockey mom status.

We know that we’ve got a deep bench and we’d love to include your voice in this conversation!