Reason #11: He’s NOT out Shopping…

When Sarah Palin was nominated to be McCain’s Vice President she did what any smart, busy woman would logically do. She went shopping.

Let me repeat that, she didn’t spend her time reading, studying, debating, heck, thinking about what this meant in her life (as well as if, honestly, she really belonged in this role). She went shopping.

$150,000+ worth, on the Republican National Party’s tab.

Yeah, yeah, now that this has been exposed, Palin and the RNC are saying it will go to charity at the end of the campaign. There even seem to be some lost receipts, after this shocking tab came out stores can’t find their records

Other Disturbing Facts:

Sarah’s make up artist is earning more than McCain’s foreign policy advisor.

She’s in good company with Cindy McCain who spent $300,000 on a “party ensemble” (what is that even?).

The First Dude is taking on a new look, and even baby Trig got a $295 pram. Is she moving from Alaska to rural England or something?

Heck, Palin can’t even perform on Saturday Night Live without haggling over her wardrobe!

Folks, this is ridiculous.

The most disturbing aspect is that this seems to be a grand ploy to get us to stop thinking about the issues on this campaign and concentrate on Sarah’s latest fashion sense, haircut, and new snaz.

Even if she only spent a few hundred thousand dollars to raise millions, (’cause, let’s remember, she’s a “regular gal“). this is emblematic of a disconnect in values and, on a more sinister level, indicative of what they think of us, the people. This seems to be a grand ploy to get us to stop thinking about the issues on this campaign and concentrate on Sarah’s new look. They think we’ll buy this miracle make-over and forget about the issues.

Well, I’m insulted.

And finally, gals, as Chris Matthews so aptly says, this is the attempt to “remake” the Hockey Mom. Which, as we must recall, is the very identity which Palin is touting!

Well true hockey moms are smart, sassy, and they don’t need a make-over.

Let’s vote Obama. And keep our wardrobes, which are mighty fine just as is, intact.

– Colleen, a mama in Boulder who likes to shop with the best of ’em, but favors consignment stores and has the best fashion consultants a gal could dream of, good friends and a snazzy husband.


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