Reason #19: McAnger vs. Zen and the Art of Campaigning

When watching the Obama-McCain debates, anyone in my home knows that I’ve always wanted Obama to be a little more forceful, to maybe do a little cross-checking and “stick it to McCain” when he insults and disparages him. Not rudely, of course, but just to show a little debating style, like we all learned in high school, a little “ummph.”

I’ve changed my tune.

In this past week I found myself finding Obama’s calm, collected disposition appealing, actually. He doesn’t appear ruffled, even when someone is insulting his intelligence or ability to serve as president.

In fact, as McCain compared his “feeling hurt” by a public comparison he didn’t like to what Obama has endured through racist comments on his life at McCain rallies, Obama didn’t get pissed. Perhaps he’s planning a third book on Zen and the Art of Campaigning

But folks, here’s a little – disturbing – glimpse into McCain’s temperament. A picture of how he treats others. Its kind of scary.

So, as we head into the weekend, and continue to have more spirited conversations with friends and family members about one of the biggest elections of our lives. Let’s try to stay cool. To breathe.

Let’s try to be “Obama-like” in fact.

Just possibly, this will bring a little more dialogue, and peace, to both our inner and outer worlds.

By the way, if you want more indications of McAnger, check out:

McCain’s language and others’ perceptions

McCain-Obama interaction

McCain getting worked by Letterman last night

– Colleen, a mama in Boulder whose three kids constantly challenge her state of inner peace


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