Reason #22: The Rest of the World!

Our friends around the world are counting on us…we can’t let them down!

Last week I had the good fortune to enjoy a casual dinner and great conversation with an international group of people.  Of course, the conversation turned to the American election and here’s a glimpse of what our international friends said:

A Canadian:  It’s hard for Canadians because everyone thinks you’re American when you travel abroad.  Many people are hostile toward us who weren’t before.  It’s sad.

A Uruguayan: It’s so important for America to be the leader in the world, to set the standard for reason and democracy.  The view of America isn’t that way anymore.  I think Obama might get that back.

A Spaniard: If the world were voting, there would be no question.  McCain wouldn’t get a single vote.

Another Canadian: In Canada, the difference between our parties isn’t as great as between America’s parties.  America’s conservatives are so much more conservative than ours.  We just don’t seem to have such extreme views as your Republican party.

A third Canadian: The issues you have to worry about in your American election are so scary.  When we vote in Canada, we aren’t thinking, “which of these people is going to get us into another war.”

So folks, it goes beyond the borders of our country, way beyond. And here are a few sites you can check out for opinions on how an Obama administration would be viewed by the rest of the world:

On global economics…

On how some Americans abroad perceive this election…

On the environment…

– Ann, a mother of two who manages to live in the Colorado mountains and still chat with citizens of the world!


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