Reason #25: The Supreme Court, aka, the effects of this year’s presidential election will reverberate for much longer than four years

The Supreme Court is teetering.

Two of the three remaining non-conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court are nearing retirement age.

The next president will likely have the opportunity to achieve one of two things during his tenure: move toward a measured diversity of opinion on the Supreme Court, or tip the Court so far to one side that no balance remains in determining the laws of the land.

After the infamous Couric interviews, it’s clear that Sarah Palin has no idea what the Supreme Court does!

But, John McCain certainly does and has stated explicitly that, if he has the opportunity to appoint judges, he will use Samuel Alito and John Roberts as his “models,” statistically two of the most conservative Supreme Court justices ever to sit on the bench.

A recent academic study demonstrated that Supreme Court justices, in spite of their reputation for impartiality, actually vote along ideological lines. Big surprise!

A quick look at the issues on the presidential candidates’ websites reveal what these ideological lines would be.   The McCain/Palin website features a section on “Dignity and Human Life” which translates simply as anti-choice, anti-gay, and anti-stem cell research.  Their site does not even mention “Civil Rights,” an issue which appears first on Obama’s list.

Other notable omissions from McCain’s top list of issues: Women, Poverty, Rural America, Disabilities, Seniors, and perhaps most frightening, Family.

If McCain/Palin win this election, the perspective framing some of the most important decisions of our country’s future will be just that – ONE perspective.

And a limited one at that.

Whether you count yourself as conservative, liberal, or neither, this seems like an untenable position for a democratic society.

I urge you to look carefully at both candidates’ websites to understand their priorities and where you fit – or don’t fit – into them.

– Ann, a mountain momma from Sugarloaf, Colorado, who is NOT teetering in her support for Obama!


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