Reason #26: Mudslinging, Silence, and the Princess Bride

INCONCEIVABLE! (uttered in our best Princess Bride accent!)

The McCain-Palin ticket is so incredibly desperate that they are trying to divert our attention to lies, hysteria, and things that just flat-out don’t make sense. Why can’t they spend their time on real issues?

Let’s look at the Bill Ayers situation. Would you want to be held accountable for the actions of other people? For the deeds they did 40 years ago? Come on!

Obama has spoken out vehemently against the violence of Ayers group when they were protesting the Vietnam War in the past. Today Ayers is a Distinguished Professor at one of the most respected universities in the country. He won the 1997 “Citizen of the Year” award by Mayor Daley and the city of Chicago. And, he served on the Annenberg Challenge for education with Obama.

Oh, but wait! Obama and Ayers live in the same Chicago neighborhood. That must mean a strong connection, right? Have you checked out your neighbors – ‘cause with this problematic line of thought, you’re responsible for their politics and their actions!

Should Leonore Annenberg (who endorses McCain) be chastised for running a foundation that supports terrorists?

Is every student Ayers teaches at the University of Chicago a terrorist-in-training?

Perhaps the University of Chicago is a terrorist training ground?

Does this line of thought strike you as absurd?

We thought so. Such abhorrent associational grappling by the McCain-Palin ticket is beyond bad sportsmanship, its the political equivalent of something for which you should be thrown out of the game. Ejected.

According to none other than Fox News, however, voters aren’t buying it: read here about how Obama’s numbers haven’t been hurt by this below-the-belt insinuation.

And now that your shackles are raised on the obnoxiously false claims of terrorist associations, uttered through the words of McCain and Palin, let’s just mention a more insidious form of their political desperation – silence.

At recent McCain and Palin rallies people have been shouting reprehensible things.

Obama has been called a “terrorist” (wonder where they got that farfetched and ludicrous idea, ahem, see above)…

Others have uttered worse things that make the hair on the back of our necks stand up, like “kill him”.

What the *&%^ is going on here folks?!

And what did the presidential and vice-presidential candidates do? Cry out that this was a reprehensible comment? Take a stand?

Nope. They were silent.

Well we’re not gonna be.

Raise your sticks and give a cry out in solidarity with truthful, real words.  In solidarity with Obama.

Let’s tell McCain and Palin to come back when they have something real to say, or when they are ready to stand up for the racist, fear-mongering, violence-inciting insults by their sick and twisted fans.

Otherwise, they should just pack their bags and head on home.

– Colleen, a momma in Boulder who is rarely silent.

p.s.–did you not click on the Princess Bride link? Go back, click on it. Better yet, click right here for a brilliant redoing of the Princess bride for Election 2008. We’re talking Al Gore as Inigo Montoya, Bill Clinton as Fezzik and more.


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