Reason #27: Because Palin Scares the Bejeezus Out of Us

We’re going to say it loud and clear: Sarah Palin scares the crap out of us.

She wants to take this country backward….all the way to the Stone Age (although my paleontologist friends claim that I’m unfairly disparaging the Paleolithic here, but you get my point).

Backward on energy.

Backward on reproductive rights.

Backward on Native issues in Alaska.

Backward on the separation of church and state.

Backward on what it means to love and appreciate one’s country.

And, the white elephant in the room: backward on issues of race.

As any number of observers have asked (and as the New York Times’ Charles Blow does here), what if the candidates and issues were reversed:

What if the Obamas had an unmarried pregnant teen? What if Joe Biden called Sarah Palin “Sarah”? What if Obama referred to 40-ounce Jaheim the way that Palin referred to Joe Sixpack What if any of the men in the race mangled the English language the way that Palin does time and time again? Would people be so obsessed with Palin’s looks if she were a man? What if Biden winked and flirted with the camera? What if Michelle Obama had a history of drug abuse like Cindy McCain?

Race matters.  Respect.  Civil Rights.  Building this country together, moving it forward for all the people living in it, not just for a small group of fundamentalist Christians who think they are anointed by God to lead this country and the world.

We cannot and should not tolerate Palin’s or anyone else’s racism, whether its overt or hiding in a more coded form.

She’s only the VP candidate you say?  Well, that’s one old and unhealthy heartbeat away from being president of this country.  It was irresponsible of John McCain to nominate her; it was irresponsible of her to accept; and it would be irresponsible of us to vote her into office.

Irresponsible to ourselves, to our children, and to the world.  Say no to McCain, say no to Palin.

–Carole, mother to two, and normally not scared easily (but then these aren’t normal times), Gunbarrel, Colorado


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3 Responses to “Reason #27: Because Palin Scares the Bejeezus Out of Us”

  1. Genevieve Says:

    Amen, sister! I agree with every word. Race matters, and apparently sex matters, too, as Sarah Palin seems to be held to a much lower standard than her male candidates. Does the women’s movement a huge disservice, in my opinion, to not expect her to behave professionally. If it were Hillary Clinton behaving the way Palin does, the press would be having a field day.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Excellent post – totally agree. Not nearly enough has been said about Cindy McCain’s illegal activities during her drug addiction phase. Those legal problems just vanished. Amazing!

    Check out a great article on McCain’s history of recklnessness and dishonesty in the current Rolling Stone.

  3. Reason #24: Judgment and Leadership in Complex Times « Hockey Moms for Obama Says:

    […] So let’s look at a few examples our presidential candidates’ judgment over the past 2 months. Barack Obama picked Joe Biden, a running mate with 35 years of experience in the Senate; a solid reputation for being able to work “across the aisle;” and perhaps most importantly, significant foreign policy experience. Not only did he choose a person who complemented his skills, experience, and perspective, he picked a credible candidate for President. McCain picked Sarah Palin. I think this blog has adequately covered the brilliance of that decision! […]

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