Reason #28: Yes, Virginia, It Is the Economy

Last night’s debate was all about it, and we’re feeling the crucial importance of the need for real, substantive, intelligent economic reform asap.

Obama’s economic plan makes sense. In a point he’s repeatedly made, his focus is middle-class families, not the elite that John McCain’s economic policies favor. Need help making sense of all this?  Try Alternet’s Progressive Voter Guide to the Economy.

Our electoral math looks like this: Obama + Democrats = economic policies designed to benefit all. McCain + Republicans = economic policies designed to favor the ultra-rich. (Memo to middle-class America: this doesn’t mean you. You are not ultra-rich. What’s wealthy to John McCain? Try a $5 million income.)

For us the decision on economic policy is easy, we vote for the good of society, not just for some misguided idea that a few extra dollars in our bank account trumps spreading the wealth to others. 8 years of Bush was bad enough, we don’t need 4 more years of the same with McCain.

So, in terms of the economy, we’re with Chris Rock: we’re voting for the guy with one house.

As Rock said to Larry King, John McCain could lose half his houses in the current economic crisis and “still sleep well” at night.

McCain: we don’t identify with your lifestyle or your politics. Or with your American Idol running mate, Sarah Palin (yeah, Roger Ebert!).

Rock on, Obama: you’re the man we’re banging our sticks for.

–the Hockey Moms for Obama team


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