Reason #30: Hockey is a Team Sport

You can’t play hockey by yourself. You have to rely on your teammates. The third line is as crucial as the first, and the backup goalie better be able to contribute if the first goes down. Its about cooperation and teamwork. No one likes a puckhog.

In the spirit of team camaraderie, we want to share the sites of some of our Obama teammates from Alaska:

1. How about Mudflats‘ spot-on coverage of the dueling Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin rallies in Anchorage? Devastating and really eye-opening, especially if you haven’t tuned in to just what people in Alaska are saying about Palin.

2. Or Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis blog, a center for passionate and pointed progressive politics.

3. Over at AlaskaReal check out a deeply disturbing post about Palin’s policies on Native Issues in Alaska.

4. And, finally, we were thrilled–but not at all surprised–to discover our kindred spirits and sisters to the northwest: Alaska Hockey Moms for Obama. They’ve got a fantastic site full of political information about Alaska, and some kick-ass photos of old time womens’ hockey teams too!

Team sports build character. Team sports build friendships. And if we’ve learned anything from hockey, its that you need to trust your teammates.

–Carole, putting not just my money, but my trust in Obama/Biden, Gunbarrel, Colorado


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