Reason #31: We’re Maver-sick

In case you missed Biden’s artful snapshot that sent the puck right back at Palin after she used the “M” word the 7th time in the debate on Thursday night……

Or, in case you missed Tina Fey’s wonderful Saturday Night Live rendition of how “mavericky” the McCain-Palin ticket is

Here are a few reasons we’ve grown “Maver-sick:”

1. Do we really want a president who equates himself with a range animal?

2. Use of this term can evoke images of Texas politicians, and Lord knows we’re done with them!

3. True mavericks should get their facts straight.

4. This identity is but a media mirage.

5. We’ll vomit if we have to hear Sarah utter this word for 4 years.

6. The inauguration will have to feature the music from Top Gun.

7. The price of bomber jackets will skyrocket.


8. If McCain gets in the White house there will be a run on WWMD bracelets (and that’s just way too 1990s for us to tolerate).

Vote strong, vote wise, vote for change.  Vote Obama.

–Colleen, mother of three, unleashing a rebel yell for the Democrats in Boulder, Colorado


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