Reason #35: Because Assault Weapons Should Be Banned

In 1994, Congress passed a bill prohibiting the sale of semi-automatic assault weapons. Then-President Clinton signed it into law, but the ban expired after 10 years and has not been passed again (but is currently up for reconsideration).

Barack Obama supports this bill, as well as a number of other common sense restrictions on gun ownership, production, sportsmens’ rights, and stricter gun safety requirements.

As a classmate of a 16 year old who was accidentally killed by a gun, and as a mom of two, minimizing civilian gun ownership is very important to me.

John McCain opposes the ban on assault weapons and certain kinds of ammunition. He also opposes waiting periods for those seeking to buy guns. Why? Because he feels its unfair to “punish” law-abiding citizens for the actions of criminals. What’s the “punishment” here? Making certain types of extreme guns illegal and–the horror–making people wait a couple days for their guns.

I feel its unfair for a civilian to own a lethal weapon that might some day, whether accidentally or by design, be used to injure or kill another person. (For more on gun control, see the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.)

I will vote for Senator Barack Obama because I trust that he will do what it takes to revive the ban on assault weapons and help put an end to unnecessary gun-related deaths in this country.

–Christy, mother of two, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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