Reason #40: Gas, the Air We Breathe, and Fuzzy Bears

Let’s start with the environment, because, as they say, “put on your oxygen mask first…” and hockey moms depend on air – lots of it – to fuel our lungs as we scream in the stands for our young’uns.

So let’s talk environment, an easy slapshot on net for Obama because, as even my staunchly Republican father admits, the Republicans are disastrous for the environment.

We know SUVs are no longer the rage and we’re trying to unload our gas guzzling monsters – they’re expensive and polluting (even though we have no idea how we’ll pack umpteen sticks and pucks and kids and dogs and snacks into our cars for the hockey shuttle!). However, there is no longer a debate that the shuttle has gotten damn expensive to run. And the driver is pissed off. We need other solutions and “drill baby drill” is just, yet another, Republican chant that dissolves into thin, polluted air.
Drilling won’t produce results for decades and even then, the oil from Alaska would barely make a dent in our country’s oil needs. We need other solutions like credits for hybrid cars and clean energy. Even more importantly, we need a culture change that shifts our daily habits as energy-hungry Americans. Hockey moms need to band together, to carpool, to do our part. But we ask, is McCain advocating a culture change – or just looking for more oil to extend our collision course a little bit longer?
Furthermore, does the name Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge mean nothing to Republicans? The folks up in the great state of Alaska at the Northern Alaska Environmental Center calls drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge a “2000-Acre Hoax” that would show “how oil drilling, pipelines, roads and airports would sprawl across the Refuge Coastal Plain, harming wildlife habitat for polar bears, caribou, fish and birds (the entire 1.5 million acre area would be opened to drilling – NOT a compact “2000 acres” … not a little square). The National Academy of Sciences reported that cumulative impacts of oil activities harmed the land, animals, Alaska Native culture, and wilderness. If we let oil companies drill the Arctic Refuge, they will destroy this unique wilderness forever.”
Want to learn more?  Click here for a nice little explanation of the pros and cons of drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.  And while the oil drilling facts are highly debated (anywhere from 1% to 7.5% of our country’s oil for 1-20 years), folks seem to agree that drilling here will set a precedent for pretty much drilling anywhere. The term “refuge” will become a farce. And soon, the guys with weird hard hats will be in your neighborhood, outside your door, chanting “drill baby drill.” Ahem, culture change anyone?

Finally, for your reading pleasure, here’s Obama’s stance on environmental issues. Check it out. Dissect it. Compare it with that of the bear-hating Republican from Alaska (seriously, how will she explain to her kids that she personally fought against the mamas and daddies and baby polar bears?!!) and her running mate, and then take a deep breath and picture yourself screaming like a ninny for your young player because you can. If we elect Obama, we cast a vote for the air we breathe and that is a reason not to underestimate!

–Colleen, mother of three, Boulder, Colorado

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