Why Hockey Moms for Obama?

Are you a progressive hockey mother, sister, player, or fan pissed off with how the term “hockey mom” has been co-opted by right-wing, elite Christian, Republicans?

So are we.

Hockey as we know and love it cannot be taken over by Republican politicos. As we see it, Sarah Palin is not your average hockey mom. She does not represent us.

So, as mothers with deep hockey roots, we’re putting on our pads and getting ready to throw some elbows.

We’ve started this blog to seek like-minded women (and men) from around the country who love the sport of hockey, but, more importantly, who won’t stand by and let conservatives associate hockey with everything we stand against politically, including our childrens’ futures.

We make lunches, drive carpools, give baths, follow the great sport of hockey, and when someone like Sarah Palin insults our compassion, intelligence, and politics, we aren’t going to simply dump the puck by icing it, but we’re going to make sure our shots are squarely on net.

Ladies, lace up your skates and grab your (lip)sticks!


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